Educational Workshops and Presentations

We are in the business of education. Conservation K9 Consultancy is proud to deliver workshops, presentations, demos and educational services to your conservation organisation, education facility and dog handling teams.

Our complementary services offer the chance to learn from an expert detection dog handler, we can educate and inform all ages from primary school to university graduates the innovative and pioneering methods of non-invasive survey methods and wildlife crime detection using dogs; our presentation also includes slides and in-depth discussion of our worldwide case studies. With practical demonstrations by operational detection dogs, we hope you will that you find our presentations engaging and motivational – and be amazed at the virtually limitless applications for our world-class detection dogs.

Interested? Contact us for more information about our dog detection services or to arrange a presentation at your establishment.


International Conferences and Seminars

We are able to use our years of experience to run interactive seminars and informative conferences across the globe. Below, are an example of some of the conferences that we are/were scheduled for this year.

  • Wild Dog ASG Workshop – 17-19 February, 2017 – Genova
  • Conservation K9, Module 2 – 24-26 November, 2017 – Altana Del Motto Rosso, Gattico
  • Detection Madness – 3-5 November, 2017 – Lugano, Switzerland
  • International Working Dog Assosciation 2017 – Date Pending – Norcenni Girasole Club, Firenze, Italy

Practical Application of Great Crested Newt Detection Dogs One-Day Course

Great crested newts are strictly protected by law and great efforts are made to avoid killing or injuring them during construction projects. Over the past few years, there has been increasing interest in the use of detection K9s for conservation purposes. They have already proved effective in wildlife monitoring for bats and pine martens to name a few, but so far, they are not widely used to find great crested newts in the field. This exciting one-day course has been designed for anyone with an interest in the use of dogs to find great crested newts on land. The course will cover:

  • The principles of training a dog to find and indicate on the location of a specific scent
  • The particular challenges of training a dog to find great crested newts
  • The legal protection for great crested newts and an introduction to licensing
  • The practical applications of a great crested newt detection dog
  • Practical field demonstration with experienced wildlife detection dog

For more information, please Contact Us.

Past courses and events:

We are ran a one day course on the 15th May, 2017 on an exciting new use of detection dog training, Great Crested Newt detection!

Other Services

Train with the Trainer

An experience day to remember. One to one experience, working with various breeds of dogs in training; from Bat Carcass to Pine Marten Scat detection. A fun-filled informative day to remember, below is a testimonial from one of our recent clients.

The training day runs from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm with refreshments included, a great day for any dog enthusiast/trainer as well as aspiring dog handlers.

I had a great day with Louise and her lovely dogs on one of her ‘Train with the Trainer’ days. It was fabulous to spend time with Louise and work with each of her dogs, who are at various stages of training on different scents, and I learnt such a lot from the experience. Louise’s breadth & depth of scent detection experience and knowledge is amazing and she instinctively knows how to adapt and progress each training session to suit the dog, the environment and the target scent.

Not only is Louise a great dog trainer – she is a great person trainer too! She provides a calm, positive and supportive environment to learn in, gives really good feedback and is brilliant at taking the learning from each session forwards to the next.

Louise’s enthusiasm, energy and passion for her work is inspirational and I would recommend her courses to anyone interested in scent detection.

Jenny McKenna
FdSc Canine Behaviour & Training

Career Information Days

Come and join in a day of question and answer for all you need to know regarding working in the detection dog arena. You’ll be able to get answers to all of your burning questions that are too hard to Google by asking our trainer who has years of experience in this vast landscape of work; and by knowing many of the course providers available in the UK, we’re in the position to provide friendly and unbiased guidance on the best courses available to further your career.

Extra services

  • Handler Mentoring
  • One to One Dog Specialist Training
  • Detection Dog Troubleshooting
  • Creating an indication
  • and much more

Courses in conjunction with Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

We’re happy to work in conjunciton with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) offering pet dog enthusiasts an insight into the real world of detection dogs, offering fun and friendly interactive training courses using your own dogs. Some of our available courses are below.

  • One Day Detection Dog Workshop
  • Five Day World of Detection Dog Course
  • Level 2 Five Day World of Detection Dog Course
  • Fun detection dog training courses

    • Would you like to run an IMDT detection dog course at your own dog club? If so, contact the IMDT to arrange an exciting course.