Who we are
We are an experienced, exciting and pioneering freelance consultancy that uses dogs to detect an assortment of scents in a variety of wildlife detection roles. Our professional and friendly service allows for a quicker, less invasive, more innovative way of wildlife searching for conservation, ecology and poaching prevention.
Pioneering training
Building upon techniques from explosives and drug detection, we have pioneered ways to harness dogs’ remarkable sense of smell to protect biodiversity, ecology and wildlife. We train through reward, and focus on a great welfare experience for all our canine colleagues.
Fast, cost effective and ethical
Wildlife detection dogs are fast, portable and endlessly trainable. They cover vast areas and find scents far quicker than their human counterparts, providing an efficient, cost-effective and non-invasive way to gather high-quality conservation data.
Total wildlife solution
It’s our mission to provide a dog detection service that is not only innovative but delivers real value for money. From supplying pre-trained dogs and handlers to bespoke training for your own dogs and full project management services, we are here to provide a total solution for your wildlife conservation needs.
Collaboration is key
As a professional freelance consultancy, we know that collaboration and trust are the ingredients of a successful relationship, and that trust is earned over more than a single engagement. We work in partnership with conservation groups, ecologists, universities, government agencies, NGOs, wildlife crime officers and private industry to deliver the only thing that matters — results.

Wildlife Crime Detection

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Our Services

Conservation K9 provides specially trained wildlife detection dogs, handlers and trainers to aid your conservation efforts. We work on a variety of conservation projects from the smallest assistance to flagship programmers worldwide. We provide a professional and efficient approach to all your wildlife detection needs.

Educational Workshops and Presentations
We are in the business of education. Conservation K9 Consultancy
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Animal Signs Detection
Discover where species live, how many there are and other vital
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Wildlife Crime Detection
Help to stop poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. We use dogs to
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Plant Conservation
Canine conservationists are key new combatants in the war against
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Our Portfolio

We have worked in this industry for longer than anyone else in the UK. See the amazing things our dogs are doing to protect our precious wildlife.

Pest control detection – a project to determine the entry and exit

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Pine marten scat detection – a long-running project for a major

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Cheetah scat detection – a feasibility study to assess the

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Ivory, leopard skin, shark fin, iboga and Pangolin scales detection

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Bat carcass detection – in 2010, Louise became the first person in

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Great crested newt detection – a pilot study to detect great

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  • Louise is the ultimate professional. She is hard working, enthusiastic, had great instincts and curiosity. I would be honored to work with Louise in any circumstances and recommend her highly for any detection or probably ANY work.

    - Meg N. Parker
  • I have used conservation K9 consultancy for some of my John Muir sessions with secondary schools. Louise and her team of dogs are highly engaging and really interesting to go out on a demo with. The session gives pupils a hands on conservation sniffer dog experience and exposes them to an amazing career option. Louise is great at pitching the demo to the level of the group and her enthusiasm for her job and love for the dogs shines though. I would highly recommend an education session with conservation k9 consultancy for a different look into a really important and upcoming conservation tool.

    - Hannah Farley (Growing Confidence Project Officer - Shropshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Louise delivered a educational session as part of a project I was doing with children from a primary school. We were looking for new and innovative ways to engage children with wildlife conservation and Louise offered this. She was engaging with the children from start to finish providing opportunities for the children to get involved at all times. Her demos with the dogs were so informative and the fact the children could interact with the dogs was a bonus. Her passion and level of knowledge came across in abundance and I would recommend her for a new and interesting educational experience, guaranteed to inspire young people.

    - Bryony Carter (People and Wildlife Officer - Shropshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Hiring Louise and Luna has added a completely new dimension in the search for pine marten scat in Shropshire. Luna has already demonstrated an amazing ability to not only detect scat, but also identify trails and areas where pine martens have wandered through. There is also a huge amount of interest from the public in our use of a trained scat detection dog and having Luna along has been a great way for us to engage with the public

    - Stuart Edmunds (Communications Officer, Shropshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Louise provided incredible support and guidance when I was setting up the CapeNature Conservation Detection Dog Project to work on a live target – the critically endangered geometric tortoise. Her insight and expertise were invaluable and perhaps even more so her enthusiasm and support for this work as this type of detection had not been carried out before in an operational manner. Years down the line I am very grateful and appreciate the professionalism she brings to this field in order that conservation detection work is given the appropriate recognition it deserves worldwide and standards are upheld. Dogs are a passion for many of us. Louise takes this to the next level and gives her all in so many spheres to make a long-term contribution to the betterment of both canines and conservation.

    - Vicky Hudson (Ecological co-ordinator, CapeNature)
  • Throughout the three years of training, Louise was completely dedicated to the project. She proved herself to be a consistently positive and determined person with unlimited enthusiasm. Her extensive experience with detection dogs was clearly apparent and she approached each new challenge with confidence and a host of new ideas. Louise has excellent communication and interpersonal skills which meant the training project was straightforward to establish and develop.

    - David Orchard (PhD Student)
  • Louise has an extraordinary passion for conservation. In 2010 Wagtail established its sister company ‘Conservation Dogs’. Louise was a driving force in helping to establish ‘Conservation Dogs’ within Wagtail UK. With her extensive research, determination and knowledge, she was able to help secure work in both Gabon ad Tanzania - whereby she helped to set up the first dog section in Gabon for the Gabonese Government. This involved the procurement and training of dogs, their handlers and assessing the handlers. This project became a definitive blueprint of a remarkable dog section in Africa. This was thanks to Louise’s hard work and dedication and something that I know Louise is extremely proud of - as am I.

    - Collin Singer (Managing Director of Wagtail UK Ltd)
  • I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Louise Viljoen since 2008 and she has given invaluable guidance and support in setting up a conservation dog unit based in South Africa and working all over Southern Africa. She is, without fail, professional, talented and innovative in her approach. I would recommend her to anyone with a serious interest in conservation detection dogs.

    - Rox Brummer (Green Dogs Conservation)

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